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Spanish Sports and Racism? No way!!!

If you can’t make it out from the picture, that’s the Mens Spanish basketball team making fun of the Chinese for having small eyes. A lot of people are shocked by this news but if you understand Spanish sports history, don’t be. In 2004, England had a friendly in Madrid against Spain. Spanish supporters made a monkey chant towards English players of African descent. We all remember the controversy between Luis Aragones and Thierry Henry, when Aragones called Thierry Henry a “black shit”. Lewis Hamilton was also targetted by racism by a group of fans in Barcelona.

So whatever, Spaniards are racist. Stupid time to be racist in public. Spain is currently bidding strong for the 2012 Olympic games. It’s not helping when your own athletes are promoting racism and when your countrymen are being racist and nothing is done about it. I personally think Spain would be a great place to hold the 2012 games but you can’t do it somewhere where racism is so openly being promoted.

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Toronto Raptors 2008/2009 Preview: HOPE

Big things going on in Toronto. As you can see in the header BC isn’t satisfied with 47 wins. He probably would be as long as he can get another 16 in the post-season. However, we can’t get more than 2 in the post-season. There have been huge additions but they have been made through some key subtractions.

Here’s what we had last year that won’t be with us this year:

TJ Ford: TJ was traded in the deal with Indiana that brought over Jermaine O’Neal (which I’ll be talking about later). TJ Ford statistically had a good season. The situation and how Sam Mitchell handled it made it worse for Jose Calderon. When TJ Ford went down because of Al Horford’s shot, Jose Calderon took over at the point and the Raptors put together an impressive run. Calderon was obviously instrumental in the run and he proved that he is a number one point guard in the league. TJ Ford came back and the chemistry couldn’t get back to how it was before his injury or how it was while Calderon was running the show. Calderon sacrificed his number one position for the sake of the team and it still didn’t work out. Calderon was among league leaders in shooting percentages, averaged 8 assists, and doing that with an unbelievable assist per turnover ratio.

Rasho Nesterovic: Rasho was great with the Raptors. He put up career numbers. He was at times, the Raptors best players. He was also in on the JO trade. I’m kind of upset that Isiah Thomas was fired, you can’t help but imagine what he would have dished out to get Rasho. We replaced our lovable big man with JO and we got Jawai and K-Hump able to play the centre position.

Jorge Garbajosa: The guy was a nonfactor all season because of injuries. Too bad the idiot wanted to play for Spain when he wasn’t ready, he could have been huge for us.


Hassan Adams: We grabbed this guy to hold it down at the 2 or the 3 position. He’s a good sub but we can’t expect this guy to turn us around.

Nathan Jawai: The Australian Shaq looked pretty good in the summer league but that’s all it is, a summer league. He will play as a sub but we really can’t hope much from him. We all know that the guy is a project. Let’s not get over our heads.

Will Solomon: If Roko Ukic needs time for adjusting, we grabbed a guy who’s played college ball and pro in Europe. Lets hope this guy can hold his own.

Roko Ukic: Our number two point guard. We gotta hope that this guy can take 15 to 20 minutes off Calderon a night to optimize his performance. He’s 6-5 and he’s got speed. Let’s hope he doesn’t get ABUSED by some of the smaller guys in the league.

Jermaine O’neal: This is our man. He’s expected to help Bosh lead us to the promised land of at least past the first round. This guy solves too many of our problems. He helps Bosh in the paint both offensively and Bosh’s weakness, defensively. Not only does he help Bosh out, but he helps out the guys that are going to be defending the 2 and the 3. It literally keeps the guys they are covering back because they don’t want to attack a basket that JO and CB4 are covering. All they have to do now is just put their freaking hands up to put some pressure on the shooter. We are gonna get our points offensively, we just gotta hold our own in our court. Kapono and AP have a chance now to hold it down and get open shots.

Things that should obviously improve next season (I hope):

Coaching: Sam Mitchell never knew how to coach a team that was playing the run and gun game. He doesn’t have to worry about that now because the team has become a half-court team. Hopefully he still doesn’t have retarded plays like how we finished off games last season. Hopefully he learns a thing or two about full-court press. Hopefully he learns how to plant a screen or two.

Andrea Bargnani: The things that Sam MItchell and Bryan Colangelo did to Andrea Bargnani really set back his development big time. When he first came in to the league he could have played the small forward position and held it down against guys like Hedo and done his best against LBJ. Before last season, they tried their best to convert him into a centre so they wouldn’t have to go out and get him. This didn’t work. He put on extra pounds and now he lost his groove and athleticism. He’s too big to defend against SF’s and too small to defend against the C. Now we just gotta hope for the best.
Predictions: 51-31 and 3rd place. LET’S DO THIS!!!

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Chelsea Season Preview

So last season was a disappointment. There are reasons for it. Here are those reasons:

  1. Manager Situation: We started last season with Jose Mourinho calling the shots. He had his fallout with the owner and the board and he was sent packing. Avram Grant came in and he struggled to gain the trust of the players at first. He almost never gained the respect of the fans or the board and we don’t know what happened in the locker room. Nonetheless, we still managed to make it to two finals including the European finals and we pushed the PL title to the last match.
  2. Injuries: We are a club prone to injuries and they had their toll on us. Not only did we have players out for extended periods of time but we had the African Cup of Nations. We missed Michael Ballack, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Petr Cech, Didier Drogba, and Andriy Shevchenko due to injuries. We missed Salomon Kalou, Michael Essien, John Obi Mikel, and Didier Drogba with the African Cup of Nations.
  3. Strikers: Didier Drogba was almost a nonfactor all season long. In the PL, Drogba only managed 8 goals. He had 8 assists and a red card in both the PL and Champions League Final. His attitude all season long was absolutely poor. Shevchenko had a nice run until he had a back injury. Kalou was played on the wings. Anelka was played out of position but when he was in position he was just very poor. Pizarro was just horrible not even worth talking about.
  4. Wing Play: Joe Cole, Salomon Kalou, Florent Malouda, and SWP were average all season. For a team that survives on wing play with the 4-3-3, 20 assists is very poor. The incoming balls from the flanks were weak. Joe Cole and Kalou were better than average compared to Malouda and SWP. Malouda looked like a waste and SWP was far too inconsistent. Kalou was great but had trouble with final product. Joe Cole literally had no one competing for his position and he got a little carried away.
  5. Right-Back: Our situation in rightback was horrible. Belletti offered more going forward but left us hanging defensively while it was the opposite for Ferreira. Essien filled in but utilizing him there isn’t utilizing him the right way.
  6. Goalkeeping: Even Petr Cech has admitted that this past season was nowhere near his best. We can accept improvement from him. Not only was he letting in softies but he had trouble staying in the squad. Carlo Cudicini is a great replacement but we can’t rely on him when we have one of the worlds best goalkeepers.
  7. Set-Pieces: We had trouble on both ends. We weren’t making the most of our opportunities and we weren’t defending them well enough.
  8. Passing: Our passing wasn’t our worst problem but it still was an issue. We just weren’t as creative in our ball movement as many other clubs.

Have we fixed our mistakes:

  1. Manager: We have another world class manager that people are willing to give an opportunity in Luis Felipe Scolari. We can really help us solve a lot of our problems that are due to our style of play from the Mourinho and Grant (don’t really think he has a style) era. We can’t accept those 4-4’s with Villa and Tottenham.
  2. Injuries: You can never predict injuries but we can really hope that we won’t lose Ballack for half a season. We also have lots of capable replacements for almost every position. We don’t have the ACN to worry about.
  3. Strikers: This is probably more ambiguous than injuries. We know that Drogba has pledged his allegiance to Chelsea but we need him to do so without the attitude and we need him performing at a world class rate. Anelka has done well in pre-season, netting 4 against AC Milan. Shevchenko, we all know what to expect but we really hope he can do better. Di Santo, our Argentine boy, he’s come on as a sub and netted us 2 goals. He will no doubt see some first team action.
  4. Wing Play: We haven’t improved here at all. All we can really hope from the wings is that everyone does what they can do and perform. We have to hope that Kalou and Malouda can espeically hold it down on the left wing. If they can’t, were in some big trouble on the left flank.
  5. Right-Back: We got Bosingwa now, who has looked genious down the flank for Portugal and he looked alright in the few minutes we saw him in pre-season. Essien can go back to the midfield and it’s all good. Belletti, Ferreira, and Essien are completely capable replacements.
  6. Goalkeeping: I really don’t expect Cech to have such a bad season like he did last season. I really hope the guy can bounce back. I think Cudicini is a great replacement and we gotta hope that it doesn’t come down to Hilario coming in for us.
  7. Set-pieces: This is up to Scolari. We need him to be more creative with set pieces going forward. We need Lampard, Drogba, Ballack, Deco, and Alex to hold their own and contribute without arguements. We also need our CB’s, forwards, and Ballack to hold it down in the air. Defensively we gotta watch out for the blunders that we made last season (ie. Gallas’s goal at the Emrites, really hurt us).
  8. Passing: Deco and Scolari are HUGE here. Scolari has to emphasize quick and crisp passing. Deco has always been underestimated and his passing capabilities are huge. He has done so in pre-season and we expect him to hold his own. Gelling with the rest of the club is huge and him playing in all pre-season has really helped him prepare.

I think this season we will be a harder club to score on. We will be a club that will be less predictable. We will be a club that will be very difficult to defend against. Our midfield is better than any club in the world and we must use that to our advantage. If we cannot hurt teams down the wings we must do so through the midfield with our passing. The ball simply needs to go in the net and we have to be better defending. I think if any club has a chance to win a quadruple, it’s this one. We can easily take the Carling Cup and FA Cup. We will compete strong for the EPL title. I don’t think United will have as strong a season as last season. There aren’t clubs in Europe that will easily take us in the Champions League. A quad is in our sites but I’m predicting a treble.

Winners of the Champions League, EPL title, and Carling Cup.

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Di Santo Goal

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I guess this is goodbye.

There have been many rumours about Frank Lampard leaving for Inter Milan to join former boss Jose Mourinho. Now there are mounting rumours that Chelsea are about to offer him the contract he wants. Lampard has made it clear that he would stay for Chelsea if he would get a 5 year – 150,000 pound contract, making him the highest paid footballer in England. I would agree that he probably deserves around 125,000 for two years tops. I love the guy as a footballer and I used to love him as a person but the way he has handled this situation is very upsetting to a fan. He needs to realize that he is 30 years old and his play will not get better as the years progress. We will be left with a heavy contract. My thoughts are that he is just pushing Chelsea down a road they don’t want to go and probably won’t go just so he can get his wish and go to Milan.

Now I’m sure there are people out there that are thinking, Chelsea has a billionaire Russian owner, just give him the money. This is a road with many bumps further down the line. If you give in to players needs, not only will other players see it, but so will other clubs. This is how you end up with ridiculous debts later on. You’re going to have to give guys like Cech, Carvalho, and Essien the same amount. Then you try to buy players from other clubs. You’re going to be forced to pay such an inflated price that is nowhere near market value just because clubs will think you’ll do anything for the player. Is any player worth more than how much Real Madrid paid for Zidane? No. Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, and Messi; as great as they are, they aren’t worth more than Kaka and will never control a team the way he did. Then you have to sign the player, you’re going to be forced to give them their terms.

You’re players end up becoming mercenaries. You will have people not playing for the club because of their love for the club and success, but for their cheque. We’ve seen it happen for Sheva and there have been claims of that for Deco as well. Chelsea are now an attractive destination. We’ve got a manager who has a World Cup under his title, we recently made it to the Champions League Final, and we’ve either won or been runner-up for the Premier League title for four straight seasons. If there is a club that is up and coming where you can enjoy success, Chelsea is the spot. Even Kaka has said that he thinks ” Chelsea are the club to be at right now”. Although he is not joining Chelsea, that’s great news for us and our development as a big club.

We’ve continuously bought stupidly and this must end. Tal Ben Haim was a pointless buy because he was no better than a young defender and he wasn’t going to get much time anyways. Why not give some youth a chance? We bought Malouda to add flair on our left wing but it is as if no one ever watched him play before he was purchased. Malouda quickly moves right into the centre from the left. It could be argued that Deco was a stupid buy as well but I feel that he is probably Chelsea’s only and best passer. Shevchenko never made sense for us to buy from day one. Pizarro was a free transfer but even as a third choice striker (at the time there was no Anelka), he’s old and was often played as a midfielder. People may say that Nicolas Anelka was a dumb buy as well. I would say that our hands were tied because of the need to have a quality striker during the race for the Premier League title and Champions League fixtures. I just don’t feel we should have bought someone with a bad history like his.

Here’s a couple of positions we obviously need replacements. Drogba may not leave this season but he will eventually, someone of young class will be neeeded. Shevchenko, Anelka, and Pizarro need to all be shown the door. Lucas Podolski should be bought for our second striker as he is obviously out of place with Toni and Klose at Bayern Munich. He also showed he was a very effective winger down the left side. For our number 3 striker, Dani Guiza because he was La Liga’s leading scorer and he was great for Spain in Euro 2008. He could eventually over take Podolski. Di Santo should be our 4th striker. For our winger, Podolski would be able to play the left. Robinho would be a sound winger with great finishing. Robinho would probably cost a lot but would be worth it. How scary is Podolski + Cole, Robinho + Cole, or Podolski + Robinho?

Overall, I just believe Chelsea should be much more careful. The line-up only needs tweaking not a major overhaul. Only our striker position needs an overhaul.

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What is going on in LA???

Usually when you think of LA there are a few teams you would talk about before you think of the team I’m actually going to talk about. You think of the Lakers, the Dodgers, Angels, Kings, and then you remember there’s those Clippers. They have the NBA straight tripping right now. Here’s a review of what’s going on:

Elton Brand – wants more pieces in LA to work with.

This is completely acceptable because he lost Shaun Livingston. You want a decent point guard. He’s got a good centre (Chris Kaman) and a good small forward (Corey Maggette).

LA – brings in Baron Davis

The Clippers solve their issue at the point guard situation. Now all they really need to do is work on the shooting guard position and a few role players. Al Thornton is a good addition to their system and so is Eric Gordon.

Elton Brand – decides to go to the Philidelphia 76ers.

The Clippers are about become a serious threat in the West and then Brand pulls a 180. He tells this team to get serious or he’s leaving and while they are in the process he leaves. That is very unethical of him. He wanted change, they give it, and he walks out while they are giving him change. I could say Al Thornton could possibly help this team out but he doesn’t provide LA with the same low post presence and experience against big-men in the west that Brand could handle.

Corey Maggette – decides to walk over to GS Warriors

Corey Maggette leaves the Clippers because he saw Elton Brand leave. I don’t quite understand where he saw any misdirection in the Clippers. The only misdirection was provided by Brand. He wanted his money and he got it. You can’t really blame the guy. He had to chose between a team that looked like it was building for years and a team that looked like it was making quick fixes.

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Why Was Wellwood Waived?

Everyone out there wants to know why Kyle Wellwood was waived. So here it is:

Kyle Wellwood\'s Gut

He has no integrity. He has no urgency to get into shape to play. Forget his consistency and all. He’s complete trash. He broke his leg playing soccer and volleyball over the summer. He spends his time with lifeguards. Enjoy Wellwood Vancouver. I heard you guys are out for Raycroft as well. Keep taking all our scraps, you’ll end up just like us.

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Leafs Intend to Buy-out Tucker

Thanks for the losing years Darcy, you often tried your hardest. You may have been injured this season, you may have not. Your going to be gone and we wish you the best. This is the start of a new era and we don’t need you.

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Chelsea’s Update Transfer Situation

It’s been about a month and a half since I last talked about Chelsea’s transfer targets and we have a new manager. Luiz Felipe Scolari has a different take and a different style of play and management. He can also control the largest egos. We also have Roman in the Bridge who has his own idea of what kind of players he would like to have. To add to the situation, Jose Mourinho is sitting in Milan trying to convince our players to join his cause over there. He’s been trying to lure Michael Essien, Didier Drogba, Ricardo Carvalho, and Frank Lampard. Michael Essien has been the only one who has commited himself to Chelsea.  Didier Drogba has commented that he is still uncertain about his future as has Ricardo Carvalho and Lampard. Each has their own situation.  Didier is under contract and must require a transfer from his current employer, Chelsea FC. Chelsea must not let him go for less or equal value. He’s a prolific scorer and if we are going to let go of him, which is worst case scenario, we have to get big money for him. Ricardo Carvalho has become upset with the unstability at Stamford Bridge. He doesn’t want to be apart of a club that has 3 managers in one year. He needs to know that Scolari is long term and anyone who saw Avram as longterm is a fool. Frank Lampard’s situation is quite frightening for me. Reports are stating that Frank Lampard is seeking a 4 year deal with Sheva type money. Chelsea has apparently offered 2 years at a little less money. Frank has every right to believe that he deserves that kind of money but he is 30 years old and it may not be beneficial for Chelsea to have someone at that age locked up for that kind of money. I would rather have him for 3 years at Sheva and JT type money with an option for a 4th year. Hopefully we can lock him up before Jose sticks his nose in.

Replacements and more:

Ricardo Carvalho:

Should Ricardo Carvalho leave Chelsea, I think we have a regular replacement in Alex. We have a decent person to cover up our bench with Ivanovic but we would probably have to keep on Ben Haim. I don’t want to keep on Ben Haim so we should pick up a 4th string central defender.

Didier Drogba:

I’m not a fan of losing a prolific striker. We were in the hunt for Torres and Villa. Villa isn’t a guy we can play a 4-3-3 with. You would want a big target man. Amauri and Gomez would be good immediate replacements. Bafetimbi Gomis of Saint-Ettiene would be a good long term project. If you want to play a 4-4-2 put in Podolski and Villa as one grouping and Anelka and Sheva in on the other group. Someone with the goalscoring capabilities of Drogba will be hard to replace.

Frank Lampard:

Many people think Frank Lampard is irreplaceable. I would beg to differ but I don’t want Super Frank to leave. Should he leave he will be difficult to replace. We need a goal scoring midfielder and decent playmaker. Deco can fulfill his playmaking role and Ballack can do playmaking and scoring. We may need some cover when they need resting or injuries. In this situation, we should go after both Diego of Werder Bremen and Rafael Van Der Vaart. Van Der Vaart had a great showing with the Netherlands. He was probably undershadowed for no particular reason by Sneijder, Robben, Van Nistelrooy, and Van Persie. Diego is a great player with scoring abilities and is very young. We may be able to sign him on the cheap because he’s Brazilian and he may be undershadowed by European players right now.


Bastian Schweinsteiger:

This guy is a quality winger and he works well with Michael Ballack. We could have a real dangerous threat on the wings with Joe Cole. It would take tonnes of pressure off our forwards because of so much danger up front. He had a quality showing against the Portuguese and was very impressive against Scolari’s national club. He would be a good grab 15 million Pounds but we probably won’t be able to get him for less than 17 million pounds.

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NRHL – National Reformed Hockey League???

The NHL has a real problem on their hands, Gary Bettman. When problems became bad with Boots Del Biaggio apparently being sued by the Modern Bank, filed Chapter 11 Bankrupcty, and now being accused of being funded by members of the NHL board. Now, Henry Samueli (owner of Anaheim Ducks) plead guilty to lying to a federal officer.

Boots Del Biaggio

So let’s see how this all started. Jim Balsillie, who was dying to own an NHL franchise, bid $185 million in Oct. 2006 to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Penguins had found a way to keep the franchise in Pittsburgh and it was well known that Balsillie wanted to move the franchise to Canada. Balsillie withdrew his bid and pissed off Mario Lemieux. In May 07, Balsillie made a bid for the Nashville Predators. He openly stated that he intended to move the franchise to Hamilton. He would get out of the lease for the Sommet Centre if the team didn’t average 14,000 in attendance. He got the rights to Copps Collesium in Hamilton, Ontario and started receiving ticket deposits in an attempt to show the NHL board of governors that Hamilton was viable. The NHL was frustrated and didn’t want to do Balsillie any more due diligence. It has been reported on numerous occasions that the NHL board of governors told Craig Leipold that he won’t be allowed to sell the franchise to Balsillie. The NHL brought in William (Boots) Del Biaggio who purchased the franchise for $50 million less than Balsillie had offered.

Boots secured a $10 million loan to buy the Predators from Modern Bank. He has 3 separate lawsuits for providing forged documents to financial institutions and he has not repaid them. Modern Bank accuses him of providing him fake bank statements to get the loan.

Gary Bettman has now learned that two of his closest partners Philip Anschutz and Craig Leipold supplied Del Biaggio with $17 million to help him pay for $25 million he invested in the Predators. He owes $65 million to the top 20 creditors. That $65 million includes $10 million to Craig Leipold. Although he is only a minority owner this still really affects the NHL’s credibility. Why was Del Biaggio shown due diligence and Balsillie not shown it? How can Craig Leipold finance the buyer of his team? He’s paying someone to buy his team. He lost $10 million out of it and Gary Bettman went to the board and said he had no part of it. No one looked at Gary wondering how the people he confides in did this without him knowing. I’m also sure Leipold wouldn’t want to loan someone $10 million to buy his team by choice. Anschutz may have his own reasons because he owns an arena in Kansas City where the NHL has been trying to relocate or expand for years. Bettman has always been as supporter of Kansas having an NHL franchise. Maybe Anschutz has gotten in his head a little. Everything seems fishy here.

Henry Samueli

The great owners of 2006-2007 NHL Champions are in some troubling times. Their owner is facing charges of perjury and stock option fraud. He is now facing 5 years probation and $12.2 million in fines. Bettman is supporting him as a philathropist and an NHL owner but he must be held accountable by the NHL. The NHL cannot afford to have felons on their ownership. Bill Daly has also offered his support to Samueli. The owners may still have the financial resources to support their clubs but they must be punished for what they have done. Bettman will not punish them because he fears that his friends may be booted out of the NHL ownership. This recent indefinite suspension is a slight slap on the wrist. NHL needs to bitch slap him and kick him out of here.


Leave the NHL in the dust. Canadian teams make up 40% of the NHL’s revenue, 6 of 30 teams. Canada has TV contracts with TSN, RDS, and CBC. Get the Canadian teams and very strong American markets to leave the NHL and make a new league. You already have the TV rights. People like Balsillie would be GLAD to fund such a league. This league wouldn’t need any salary cap or have any revenue issues because they have all the support in the world from Canadian fans. Americans don’t care and never would care for the NHL so forget them. The winner of the Cup every year could join the elite leagues overseas for a Championship in a Champions League sort of thing. Lets leave this shit league and its shit ownership group in the dust.

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