Posted by: dildeepsingh | April 27, 2008

Chelsea Summer Transfer Targets

So I’m sitting here watching Real Madrid seal up another La Liga title. I Just saw Iker Casillas’s save on the penalty kick, WOWWW!!! I just watched Bayern Munich seal their Bundesliga title and Inter Milan seal another Scudetto. The only one left is the Premier League which was blown wide open yesterday when Chelsea defeated Manchester United. This season was a great surprise for Chelsea but it could have been better had key issues in on the field been addressed. So here I am to address them.

Last summer we bought three mediocre players to address these issues. We are Chelsea though, we have the funds, which could potentially be the reason we are being forced to pay up heavy money. Here’s who I think we should purchase:

1) Right Back Daniel Alves – We tried to address the obvious need of class at right back but Sevilla was very stubborn in their demands. We should simply cave in. clubs have been killing us on that flank all season long. Ricardo Carvalho is being forced to assist defending the right leaving a gap in the centre. Danny Alves is a speedy right back who can kill you with his attack, forcing two defenders to him. He is also very, very capable on defense. This has been our issue all campaign. Do we go for offense in Belletti or defense in Ferreira. We could probably get him at 29 or 30 million Euros or 25 and Juliano Belletti.

2) Centre-Attacking-Midfield Rafael Van Der Vaart – We need more quality in the midfield. We tried to address this by purchasing Steve Sidwell but lets be real, he’s failed at showing us any quality. Van Der Vaart is the perfect replacement for Frank Lampard who looks like he’s set to follow Jose Mourinho. He has no contract and looks like he’s ready to move on. Van Der Vaart has great playmaking ability with a great eye for the goal. He’s young and comes from the Bundesliga. Players who come from Germany don’t need much time adapting and he’s pretty young. He should cost us about 17 million Euros. We lost out on Luka Modric to the Spurs. We cannot afford to lose out on him also.

3) Mario Gomes – With Drogba’s departure evident, we must look to someone young and with similar capabilities so we do not need to adapt too much. We can look to Germany’s Mario Gomes for that. Plays a similar style to Drogba. He has not had any injury troubles in his career so far. After missing out on getting Luca Toni, Chelsea must capitalize on this opportunity.

4) Left Winger Franck Ribery – It was a choice last season between Florence Malouda and Franck Ribery. We clearly made the wrong choice. Malouda has been a disappointment and he doesn’t fit with the club. I don’t think Ribery will leave but it’s worth a shot. He would certainly add flare to the club. That left along with Arjen Robben.

Who we should sell or loan out:
1) Didier Drogba – It’s been a great time with him, but lately it’s just been rough. I’m sick of hearing his complaints and claims to leaving. I’m sick of seeing him whine on the pitch. He’s aging now and you can see. With a similar replacement, we could adjust very quickly.

2) Steve Sidwell – Complete waste, get something while we can.

3) Shaun Wright-Phillips – had a poor season and has never really hit his stride. Anything he’s done with this club, can be easily replaced.

4) Andriy Shevchenko – had a bad career here. Let him out on loan back to AC Milan so he can salvage his career.

5) Tal Ben Haim – obviously him and Grant don’t get along, just put an end to this. We have Ivanovic ready, so we don’t need him anyways.

Obviously I know we wouldn’t get all of my targets but that’s why they are targets because you never hit them all. By adding some of them, we can produce a solid team. Our main targets should be Gomes and Alves. We have a weak core of strikers and we’ve been getting killed on the right flank all season.



  1. get mario gomez at all cost grant

  2. U most go 4 big player,cos we wt a nice game nt season.

  3. nobody is greater than drogba and phillips

  4. Love chelsea

  5. Chealse is a strong team but without drogba they are nothing.

  6. Drogba if chealse don’t need someone like u manchester need u badly.

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